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We are officially open for business!!

1 October 2017
We are extremely excited to let you know that we are officially open for business with the Deepgrooves Vinyl Pressing Plant !!

Last weekend we had our "invitation only" opening party with the legendary and one and only Joe Claussell (Sacred Rhythm Music, USA) from New York.

We are very busy at the moment with our team of experts to make the last adjustments to get the best quality in sound possible. We are expecting to create the perfect vinyl at the end of the month. We are now accepting orders in a simple and transparant 5-step ordering process, simply choose your vinyl, labels, your inner- and outer sleeve and design. You can also contact our graphic design team to get customised artwork.

Please feel free to ask us any questions about the ordering process at:

We are here to create a new and unique standard in vinyl pressing and want to give your music the attention it deserves! With regards,

The Deepgrooves / Deeptrax crew

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