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Sales Representative

Are ‘energetic’, ‘hard-working’, ‘precise’ and ‘ambitious’ words that perfectly describe you? Do you have a passion for vinyl records and would you like to fulfill a fulltime position at a young and growing organization? Then apply immediately for an exciting and interactive job in the sales team of the coolest workplace in the north of…

Open Application

Is your ideal job not (yet) listed? Please send an open application. Because we are happy with motivated, enthusiastic people and are happy to think along with you about your possibilities at our organization. We have different functions inside the Pressing Plant, Logistics Center or at the office. Please let us know what added value…

Packing Employee

Are you hardworking, energetic, precise, and ambitious? Do you have a passion for vinyl records, and would you like to come and work in a young and growing organization? Do you have time to spare next to your studies or are you looking for more hours? Then apply immediately for this job at the coolest…

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