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Frequently Asked Vinyl Questions


What is the minimum amount of records for an order?

200 Records per order is our minimum.

Is it possible to press any music I want on a Record?

You have to own the copyrights of the music and we need a Mechanical License to press your Records. From a legal perspective we are not allowed to ship your Records before we have this license. You can request one from the copyright organisation you are associated with. If you are not a member of a foreign organisation, go to and click the ‘’Portal’’ logo, top left. (When the page opens click English, top right). Now you will be enabled to create your portal account to apply for licenses.

I have placed an order, what is next?

We will get back to you as soon as possible. We strive to send your official quote within 2 working days. After you have received the quote please check everything very carefully. From your address to the official product you have requested. When you agree to this quote – which you can view and accept online – you will receive an invoice for this order. After payment of the invoice we will start processing your order and you will receive all details about uploading your music and artwork.

My release party is in …. weeks, could you press the records as fast as you can?

We will most definitely do our very best to produce your order as fast as we can. However, in the pressing of Vinyl Records many little things can cause a delay. In order to not have a release party without a Record to sell, we recommend you to schedule a release date after you have received and approved the Test Pressing. Deepgrooves can never be held responsible for deadlines of releases, scheduled dates for release parties or any kind of agreements the customer made with third parties.

Can you also sell my Records?

We only press Records. But we can give you some advice about selling and distributing your Records.


What is a Lacquer and why do I need to pay for it?

A lacquer is a 14 inch high quality non-magnetic steel polished disc which contains a special lacquer layer. Your music gets cut into this layer and the stamper – which is used to press your Record – will be created from this Lacquer. This process is used for the most Records.

What’s DMM cutting?

DMM cutting is almost the same as Lacquer cutting. The difference is that the music is directly cut into a non-magnetic steel polished disc with a 100 micron thick layer of high purity copper. This is highly recommended for music like ambient, jazz, singer/songwriter and classical music.

What is a Stamper?

A Stamper is a nickel pressing plate that is produced from the Lacquer or DMM cut through electroforming in a galvanic bath. We use various experienced partners for this delicate process.

Can I submit my own Lacquers or Stampers?

Submitting your own Lacquers is possible. Do however keep in mind that we cannot help it if there is any problem with the Vinyl Records caused by a faulty/bad Lacquer we received. We use very experienced partners for this process and therefore advise to use our cutting service for an optimally coordinated process. We do not use stampers that have not been produced by Deepgrooves.

How many tracks do fit on one side of the Record?

This really depends on the length of the tracks and the volume of the cut, less music means a louder Record!

Maximum side lengths for a 12″ Record with optimized sound:

Maximum levels, approx +6 dB: 6 min at 45 RPM, 8 min at 33 RPM.

Sufficient levels, approx +4 dB: 8 min at 45 RPM, 11 min at 33 RPM.

For dj use, approx 0 dB: 11min at 45 RPM, 15 min at 33 RPM.

Maximum playtime albums for optimized sound:

Approx -6 dB and lower: 18 min at 45 RPM, 24 min at 33 RPM.

(keep in mind this is not possible or recommended with more bass heavy music, a record with just speech might be even longer but not recommended).

* Longer playtime is possible but not recommended.

How do I get the highest possible sound quality on my record?

You have to submit the audio files in the highest quality possible. We advise you to have your tracks specially mastered for Vinyl.


WAV, AIFF, FLAC (lossless) or DDP Image.

Bit Rate:

24 bits (16 bits works too) 32 bits is overkill.

Sampling Rate:

44,1 kHz or higher, we prefer 48 khz.


Tracks with sensible high-end frequencies sound better at the beginning of each side, the highs can sound slightly more distorted and less clear near the end of each side due to less playback speed.


Slight mixbus compression/limiting is not a problem if you know what you do, otherwise don’t use it (recommended).


Is a Test Pressing necessary and recommended?

Yes. In order to avoid any confusion / misunderstanding, we always send you 3 Test Pressings so you can review the visual- and audio quality of Deepgrooves pressings. After the Test Pressing has been approved, we start pressing your order. If you’re not satisfied with the test pressing, you can contact us so we can improve the pressing.

Can I check the test pressings on a basic turntable?

We recommend you to listen to the Test Pressings on a high end turntable containing a high quality cartridge and stylus and to clean these before listening as well. You want to make sure you get as much quality as possible. Listen on different audio systems to be sure about the quality.

I don’t like the quality of the test pressing, what do I do now?

Listen to the Test Pressings on different audio systems, and try another cartridge or stylus in order to make sure the problem is not in the equipment. If the issue is still present on the Record, please contact us so we can improve the Pressing if needed.

What do I do when I approve the test pressing?

You can then go to your customer dashboard and approve it under the test pressing section of your project.


What is vinyl made of?

Vinyl for Records is made of PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) mixed with the necessary additives to make high temperature pressing possible.

What is the difference between 140 and 180 gram records?

180 gram Records are of a higher quality, are less likely to bend and will last longer than a 140 gram Record. Besides that, 180 gram Records feel better. However, the sound quality is the same.

Do you also produce other colors than just black?

Yes, we have a wide spectrum of colors you can choose from, you can find them via

What does the number after each color mean?

This is the number that is linked to the right granulate at Deepgrooves. From this we know for sure you get the exact color that you have ordered.

Is it possible to have identical marbled records?

No, it is not. Because the granulate is thrown in a compartment at the back of the press, it is mixed and is melted into a Vinyl puck randomly, causing each record to look different when pressed. The colors will be the same, however the placement of each color will be different.


What is a label?

A label is the round piece of specially produced paper (not a sticker) which is pressed into the middle of the record. This can be a standard white or black label or offset printed with a design of your choice.

What is an Inner Sleeve?

An Inner Sleeve is the thin paper sleeve where your Record is being placed in for protection. This Inner Sleeve is ussualy put inside the Outer Sleeve. We have standard 90 gram Inner Sleeves (made of paper in black, white or brown kraftpack), 90 grams Polylined Inner Sleeves (made of paper and lined with a thin plastic layer to preserve the record even better), 150 gram offset printed Inner Sleeves and 280 gram Discobags (also in standard black or white, or offset printed with your design).

What is an Outer Sleeve?

An Outer Sleeve is the thicker Sleeve that usually contains the artwork of a Record, but it can also be a standard black or white version. It can be ordered with or without the middle holes.

Do you also have Inside-Out Outer Sleeves?

Yes, we do.

Do you produce Gatefolds/Trifolds and Box Sets?

Yes, almost everything is possible. Just let us know in Step 5: Options/Extra of the calculator what kind of Sleeve you want for your project. Or contact us at for more info about these options.

Can I also add custom stickers to my order?

Yes, you can. We can also put them on the Inner Sleeve, Outer Sleeve or seal if you want. We do charge an additional fee for adding them to your product.

Is it possible to include an insert with the Record?

Yes, it is.. and it can be anything! Examples are download cards, postcards, booklets, CD’s, a picture, a poster, anything! We can arrange this for you or add your own. We will charge an additional fee for inserting. It is recommended that the records are also sealed when an insert is added, so it does not fall out.

Can you also design the artwork of my Record?

Our design department creates the most beautiful artwork for Labels, Inner Sleeves, Outer Sleeves, Inserts etc… We do charge an extra fee for the design.

Can I order Records without a Label?

No, that is not possible. This is because the center hole will be to big without a label.


Do you ship worldwide?

Yes, we do. But sometimes the rules and regulations of sending an order to a specific country are very strict, but we will still do our best to get your order delivered. Contact us if you are in doubt whether it is possible to ship the Records to your country.

How do you ship the order?

We pack the Records safely in small sturdy boxes and these boxes in bigger boxes. Large orders are shipped on pallets and sealed with water resistant foil. We ship with verified shipping organizations, such as UPS and DHL.

Can I also collect my order at Deepgrooves?

That’s no problem, please make an appointment with us and you can take your order with you.


Which Vinyl Press do you use?

We use the Swedish Pheenix Alpha AD12 Vinyl Presses. A slightly modernized version of the legendary Toolex Alpha AD12.

Is Deepgrooves a real Vinyl Pressing Plant or just a broker?

The actual pressing of your Records happens at Deepgrooves, but we use various experienced partners for cutting, stamper making and printing. This way we can provide you with the highest quality on all these parts of the production.

Is it possible that my question is not here in the FAQ?

Yes it is, please contact us at or give us a call at
+31 58 870 1387 and we will be happy to help you with your questions.

Artwork Specifications

The artwork is an important part of your product. That is why you must also take the utmost care here. Please read the specifications and instructions carefully. (more…)

Mastering Specifications

Mastering tracks is an essential and important part of music. Our in-house master engineer can make your music even more special by boosting it in the right direction.


Process And Technology

Brand new green innovative technology makes our Records as perfect as can be where quality meets perfection, with a minimum of waste..


General Terms and Conditions

Our General Terms and Conditions that apply to all orders made at Deepgrooves Vinyl Pressing Plant.


. (more…)

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