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Frequently Asked Cassette Questions


How long does it take before my order is ready?

Our turnaround for cassettes is currently 6-8 weeks. However, please keep in mind there can always be a delay of some sorts. Schedule your release accordingly and add a few weeks of margin to make sure your cassettes are ready on time.

What is the minimum order quantity for cassettes?

Our minimum order quantity is 50 cassettes.

Is it possible to duplicate any music I want on cassette?

You have to own the copyrights of the music and we need a Mechanical License to duplicate your cassettes. From a legal perspective we are not allowed to ship your cassettes before we have this license. You can request one from the copyright organisation you are associated with. If you are not a member of a foreign organisation, go to and click the ‘’Portal’’ logo, top left. (When the page opens click English, top right). Now you will be able to create your portal account to apply for licenses.

I have placed an order, what is next?

We will get back to you as soon as possible. We strive to send your official quote within 2 working days. After you have received the quote please check everything very carefully. From your address to the official product you have requested. When you agree to this quote – which you can view and accept online – you will receive an invoice for this order. After payment of the invoice we will start processing your order and you will receive all details about uploading your music and artwork.

My release party is in 8 weeks, could you duplicate my cassettes as fast as you can?

We will most definitely do our very best to produce your order as fast as we can. However, there is always a chance for delays. In order to not have a release party without a cassette to sell, we recommend you to schedule a release date after you have placed the order. Deepgrooves can never be held responsible for deadlines of releases, scheduled dates for release parties or any kind of agreements the customer made with third parties.


How many tracks do fit on one side of a cassette?

For optimal sound and durability of your cassettes: Max 30 minutes per side.

How do I get the highest possible sound quality on my Cassette?

  • Formats: WAV, AIFF or FLAC (lossless).
  • Bit Rate: 16/24 bits.
  • Sampling Rate: 44,1 kHz or higher, we prefer 48 khz.

What kind of tapestock do you use?

Panarec Type 1

What kind of color cassettes do you have?

We currently have white, black and smokey clear cassettes available. Other colors upon request.

What is cassette on body print?

The name already kind of gives it away: It’s the print on the cassette itself. We offer a 1 color print on all our cassettes.

What is a J-card?

The J-card is the booklet which can also be used as a cover which is placed in the plastic case. We offer both 1c and 4c J-cards in various sizes.

Can I also add custom stickers to my order?

Yes, you can. We can put them in the case with your cassettes for a small inserting fee.

Can you also design the artwork of my cassette?

Yes we can. We do charge a fee for designing artwork.

Can I order cassettes without body print?

Yes, that is an option.


Do you ship worldwide?

Yes, we do. But sometimes the rules and regulations of sending an order to a specific country are very strict, but we will still do our best to get your order delivered. Contact us if you are in doubt whether it is possible to ship cassettes to your country.

How do you ship the order?

We pack cassettes safely in small sturdy boxes. Large orders are shipped on pallets and sealed with water resistant bio degradable foil. We ship with verified shipping organizations, such as UPS and DHL.

Can I also collect my order at Deepgrooves?

That’s no problem, please make an appointment with us and you can take your order with you.


What kind of Machinery do you use for the duplication of cassettes?

We use Tapematic winding and duplication machines

My question is not in this FAQ

Do you have a question that is not answered here? Contact us at or give us a call at +31 58 870 1387 and we will be happy to help you with any questions.

Artwork Specifications

The artwork is an important part of your product. That is why you must also take the utmost care here. Please read the specifications and instructions carefully. (more…)

Mastering Specifications

Mastering tracks is an essential and important part of music. Our in-house master engineer can make your music even more special by boosting it in the right direction.


Process And Technology

Brand new green innovative technology makes our Records as perfect as can be where quality meets perfection, with a minimum of waste..


General Terms and Conditions

Our General Terms and Conditions that apply to all orders made at Deepgrooves Vinyl Pressing Plant.


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