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The Deepgrooves team of experts is concentrating on superb pressed music and next level printing technique combined with clear communication towards our customers. All this with the focus on pushing this wonderful product even further.

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We love music and we love vinyl. But for most (independent) labels something was missing. For years we struggled with challenges around minimal numbers of records that needed to be pressed, waiting lines, complex processes, minimal communication and the lack of quality of the records once we received them. These disappointing experiences triggered us to come up with a better solution and different approach: Deepgrooves.

Deepgrooves is founded by Pascal Thulin and Chris Roorda and located in the old prison of Leeuwarden.

As a passionate collector, DJ, music lover and owner of the long established Deeptrax shop and label Chris Roorda had a vision on how things should be different when it came to bringing music towards the people. Chris asked his friend and old colleague Pascal Thulin to combine forces. Pascal has a long and reliable track record in the enterprise software industry and is a music enthusiast as well. Pascal his drive, ambition and focus combined with Chris his creativity, vision and passion is forming the backbone of Deepgrooves. A company that is aiming to create a new and unique standard in vinyl pressing and gives your music the attention it deserves!


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+31 (0) 58 – 870 1387

CoC: 857453439
VAT: NL857453439B01
IBAN: NL37RABO0322667755

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