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Paper Quality

We offer various types of environmentally friendly and FSC-certified high-quality paper and cardboard. Our standard options have been selected with great care to guarantee the most beautiful end product.

Do you want a special type of paper? Let us know and we will look at the possibilities together with you.

300 GSM Performa Bright GC1
350 GSM Incada Silk GC1
332 GSM Kraft Pack Brown
300 GSM GC Storch Grass Paper
350 GSM Chromo Board Extra GC1
350 GSM Grey Cardboard GK2
350 GSM Caribic Black Uncoated
332 GSM Recycled Force Pack Brown

Artwork Specifications

The artwork is an important part of your product. That is why you must also take the utmost care here. Please read the specifications and instructions carefully. (more…)

Mastering Specifications

Mastering tracks is an essential and important part of music. Our in-house master engineer can make your music even more special by boosting it in the right direction.


Process And Technology

Brand new green innovative technology makes our Records as perfect as can be where quality meets perfection, with a minimum of waste..


General Terms and Conditions

Our General Terms and Conditions that apply to all orders made at Deepgrooves Vinyl Pressing Plant.


. (more…)

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