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Marbled Vinyl Records

What is Marbled Vinyl?

Marbled means that we use multiple colors of PVC for your pressing and melt them together into the pucks of which our vinyl presses make a record.


If you opt for marbled vinyl, you must realize that even our best operators
can hardly influence or control this process. We mix and melt multiple colors of PVC where the composition of the colors will differ per vinyl puck.
Small differences in the chemical composition of the different PVC colors can sometimes react to each other unpredictably. Some records will be exactly as you imagined, others will deviate considerably. The result is always a surprise, but every record will be a unique pressing.

In other words: Marbled records are unique and no guarantees can be given about the final result: the requested color mix may deviate from the desired result.

What do we need from you?

We will need a mock-up / example of the marbling you would like.
From this we will check if the desired result is possible. Your account manager will then discuss with you the available options for achieving a fantastic pressing.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you want more information about the possibilities.

Artwork Specifications

The artwork is an important part of your product. That is why you must also take the utmost care here. Please read the specifications and instructions carefully. (more…)

Mastering Specifications

Mastering tracks is an essential and important part of music. Our in-house master engineer can make your music even more special by boosting it in the right direction.


Process And Technology

Brand new green innovative technology makes our Records as perfect as can be where quality meets perfection, with a minimum of waste..


General Terms and Conditions

Our General Terms and Conditions that apply to all orders made at Deepgrooves Vinyl Pressing Plant.


. (more…)

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