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No More Shrinkwrap!

1 April 2022

We made the sensible decision to no longer shrink wrap our vinyl records. Reusable seal bags, PP, and PE sleeves are now the new norm within our packing processes. Deepgrooves’ mission is to produce vinyl in the most green way possible. Which begs the question: why would we include elements in our production processes which we deem unnecessary and that we know are harmful to the environment? The materials that our various alternatives are made of prove far less taxing for Mother Nature than the plastic we used previously. Also, our seal bags can be reused! Therefore, records will be protected at all times, even in the collection of the consumer. And the lessened demand for plastic will decrease the production of polluting materials!

This is not an April Fool's joke. We really think that using single use shrink wrap is something that is no longer desirable these days.

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